Important update

Adobe Connect is NTEN’s virtual class platform. It’s used to host classes in a way which offers flexible content and opportunities for interaction between both faculty and participants. An installed plug in is required for faculty and presenters to access the presenter features of the platform. All NTEN faculty and presenters are required to test their browser and network connections for compatibility and install the plug-in if necessary at least one week prior to the live virtual class date.

Accessing the classroom

Getting access to the live virtual classroom is easy. Simply navigate to the URL sent to you by NTEN’s Education team in the email reminder prior to the scheduled live virtual class.

Logging in to the classroom

No passwords are needed to access the web portion of the virtual class. Just “Enter as a Guest” and use your full name. Then call the phone number provided in the reminder email to access the class audio. Again, no pins or access codes are required.

Webinar Login


Once the NTEN host has identified you, they’ll promote you to a presenter. This will change your view from participant to the presenter perspective within the platform. Adobe Connect features and uploaded course content will become available.

What to expect during the online virtual class

  • The NTEN host will handle any technical issues and troubleshooting that come up during the course.
  • The NTEN host will announce the start of class, walk participants through housekeeping announcements, and start the recording before turning the class over to the presenting faculty.
  • The NTEN host will help the faculty transition between the interactive elements of the class such as live polls, Q&A, open peer-to-peer chat, video, and audio content.
  • The faculty is expected to engage with participants via the live open peer-to-peer “Classroom Chat,” answering questions as they come up and responding to relevant comments coming in from the participants throughout the live virtual class.
  • The faculty will turn over the class to NTEN’s host before the scheduled end time.
  • The NTEN host will end the class with course reminders and stop the recording.

Remember: Installing the Adobe plug-in is required and available here.