Welcome to NTEN’s organizer community! You’re joining a fabulous network of nearly 100 community volunteers across the US, Canada, and Europe. Volunteers bring their friendship and diverse knowledge and voices to engage and support the NTEN community around the world.

NTEN’s online community program offers community members the opportunity to ask questions, give advice, share resources, and chat about all things nonprofit technology. The online community program is a sister to NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Clubs, which convene in-person in cities around the US and Canada.

NTEN typically hosts 10-12 online groups at all times. A few groups are dedicated to specific tools or affinities, but most are focused on interest categories such as project management, IT, digital communications, and community building.

Additionally, NTEN will waive the individual membership fees for organizers.  If organizers receive member benefits through their organization’s membership, the organization’s membership fees will be discounted the amount of an individual membership.