Agile vs. Waterfall Website Design: Why a Hybrid Approach is Best

When thinking about an update to your website, many decisions have to be made early on.  One of the most important (but easily overlooked) decisions is determining exactly how the project will be implemented from a project management perspective, especially if you’re working with an outside agency.  There are plenty of methodologies, but two are well known […]
Posted: May 27, 2020

How to systemize improvement for your nonprofit website

With the increasing use of Google Analytics, more nonprofits are measuring their websites’ performance and expecting their sites to deliver more. Nonprofits expect more because we are no longer happy with websites that just look good. Measurement means that we expect our sites actually to perform. And each time we measure, we expect the data […]
Posted: September 23, 2019

10 Things to Consider When Planning a Website Design (or Re-design)

This article was originally published on the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management E-News. It is republished here with permission. I’ve been developing websites for just over 17 years, mostly for nonprofit organizations. Frequently, nonprofits ask me, “What should we consider when planning a new website (or a re-designed website)?” Here’s is a list of the […]
Posted: November 19, 2015

Professional Development that Is Different by Design

I have always found conferences to be both the most exciting and a somewhat puzzling part of my professional development throughout the years. The chance to get out of “the norm” of my day-to-day work at my organization is always refreshing, as a chance to gain renewed perspective. For many years, I also found that […]
Posted: July 20, 2015

April Fools’ Day! + A Real Update about Our Website Redesign

April Fools’ Day Website Prank – Did we fool you? IT Director, Karl, and I have been dreaming about this little April Fools’ Day prank for over a year. We brought in our Drupal consultant, Mark Burgess, to create some funhouse-style CSS and asked Membership Director, Megan, to contribute some of her signature bad puns and goofy […]
Posted: April 1, 2015

Five Things to Do Now to Enhance Your Nonprofit’s Website

Lists are everywhere – Top Cities to Live in, Wealthiest People, Coldest Places on Earth, and so on. All fun to read but here’s one you can actually do something with, starting now! Website design and development is a moving target where little changes can make a huge difference to your nonprofit’s website performance over […]
Posted: July 22, 2014

For a Successful Website Redesign Project, Focus on Outcomes First

Launching a website redesign is often a relative success. “We pulled it off,” is the general sentiment, in spite of budget overruns and timeline delays. We celebrate a battlefield victory and, resources spent, forget that the war has just begun: The website we’ve launched now needs to be maintained. Is this a foregone conclusion? Or […]
Posted: July 17, 2014

Build Your Best Website: A guide for nonprofits

Where do you begin? Start by reading up on the latest web design trends. See Frogloop and Mashable articles for what’s hot in 2014. Did you know that research shows that carousels or sliders don’t get much traffic at all past the first slide? Worse yet, they can confuse or annoy your audience and make […]
Posted: July 15, 2014

How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly with Responsive Design

The 14NTC was a great time for me and everyone else I ran in to. I especially appreciate the tenacious group who attended the “Make it Mobile!” session that I did with Niki Hammond from MSDS on Saturday, March 15.  We had a good time presenting about Mobile and Responsive Design, and similar to every […]
Posted: April 7, 2014

3 Ways to Make Your Website the Center of Your Online Community

People recognize patterns – that’s a fact. Our key to understand new things is to filter them through already assimilated knowledge. So think a bit about what you do when you want to learn about a new cause, campaign or organization. You open your browser type in the name and hit search. Where do you […]
Posted: March 20, 2014