What is Nonprofit Tech Readiness?

Nonprofit Tech Readiness is a program developed by the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) in partnership with the California Wellness Foundation that is focused exclusively on technology capacity building for nonprofits. Nonprofit Tech Readiness, powered by NTEN, is for nonprofit organizations who wish to strengthen their knowledge of technology best practices and move forward on a specific technology project. The program is divided into two terms with a mix of structured curriculum delivered by Faculty as well as participant-driven content. Events and activities are both synchronous and asynchronous, online and in-person. The majority of the activity happens via regular online training events. Through this program, each participant will identify a technology challenge, project idea or technological need from their organization. They will benefit from six months of technology training, support and feedback with a goal towards implementation.

1.Eligibility & Acceptance #

Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible for the program, your organization must be a grantee of the California Wellness Foundation.

What are the criteria for acceptance?

Applications are scored on three criteria on a scale of 1-5 by multiple reviewers. Aggregate scores then determine acceptance into the program.

  • Effort on Application
  • Target Audience Fit
  • Diversity: Of applicant and/or mission focus of organization

How many applicants are accepted?

We accept 20 applicants per cohort.

2.Target Audience #

Nonprofit professionals who are interested in practical and tangible technology training are good candidates. Participants should be staff responsible for advancement and implementation of a technology project at their organization. This may include an Executive Director, manager (IT, marketing, operations), program staff or even a board member.

Ideal applicants will be interested in the program both for the advancement of their organization’s ability to achieve their mission using technology and for their own professional development.

3.Time Commitment #

How much time will this program take?

It is a six-month program. During Term I (the first 10 weeks), participants can expect to spend 3-4 hours each week with educational programs online and homework materials. The remainder of the cohort period, Term II, is spent incubating, supporting and advancing projects, so much of the time commitment depends on the type of and depth of your project. We recommend expecting anywhere from 3-4 hours per month.

Is participation in the full six months required?

Yes. In order to ensure all participants and their organizations benefit from the program and are positioned for success, all participants are required to commit to the full six months. We recognize that there are naturally times during which participation may be limited by other priorities for your organization. The cohort is designed to accommodate for times when participants may be more or less available.

What happens after the six months?

We encourage “graduates” to share experiences, feedback, and lessons learned with participants in future cohorts. We will also create opportunities for participants to have access to events, workshops, trainings and other opportunities to continue learning into the future.

4.Schedule #


Below is a calendar with dates for the set elements of the program. This does now account for the flexible or “self-paced” elements such as courses that you may choose to take advantage of during your participation in the program.

5.Cost #

What is the cost?

Nonprofit Tech Readiness is provided to participants free of charge thank you to the generous support of The California Wellness Foundation.

6.Content & Delivery #

How is the program delivered?

Nonprofit Tech Readiness is delivered through a mix of on and offline educational programs, trainings and workshops by NTEN faculty and tech partners. As a cohort, participants have a private online group for discussions and file sharing. Regular webinars, expert feedback sessions and regular group discussions will take place mostly online and by phone. In-person workshops will be planned to enhance and support learning.


You can find a full description of what is covered during the Core here. You can also view the course catalog to see what will available as well as part of your participation n the program.

7.Outcomes #

What is the value of participating?

Participating in Nonprofit Tech Readiness provides technology capacity building with the inclusion of the 10-week technology management course, as well as access to technology experts and service providers. The program connects participants with a rich network of peers, faculty members and potential collaborators. Completing Nonprofit Tech Readiness qualifies participants for discounted registration rates for some future NTEN conferences.

How will this help my organization?

The program is designed so that participants can bring a technology challenge, project idea or need from their organization to the cohort and benefit from six months of support, feedback and training towards a solution.

Will this help me earn the Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate?

Yes. Participation in the Nonprofit Tech Readiness program will provide you access and time to complete all the elements required to earn your Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate at no additional cost.

Will my organization receive a grant for my participation in Nonprofit Tech Readiness?


Does my enrollment in Nonprofit Tech Readiness improve my chances of receiving future grants from the California Wellness Foundation?

No. However, the goal is that your participation in Nonprofit Tech Readiness training will improve the ability of your organization to compete for resources from many funding sources.

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