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Become a fabulous leader of PDXTech4Good within practically minutes of moving to Portland: Sara Rasmussen

Sara Rasmussen attended her first PDXTech4Good meet-up in January 2014, after moving home to Portland, Oregon. It was not long afterwards that she found herself co-organizing the group, where nonprofits and techies share resources for using technology effectively. An advocate for using technology as a tool for social justice, Sara found herself right at home with the NTEN (and NetSquared) community. She is deeply grateful to be connected to and part of the international #nptech hive mind.

Sara is an NTEN Digital Inclusion Fellow at Free Geek in Portland, Oregon, where she manages adult digital literacy programming and participates in a national cohort of fellows who are closing the digital divide and increasing digital literacy across the United States.

Find her on Twitter at @sararasmussn.

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