Most Likely To...

Give ridiculously thoughtful answers to online forum questions while somehow working the phrase “debonair goats” into the responses: Jason King

Jason King studied to be a medical librarian, then fell into a nonprofit sector information job. And never looked back. He ran a circuit rider project in London for six years, gave strategic ICT advice, ran a training room, and unjammed printers. He emigrated to Australia where he drove many miles and dodged many kangaroos to help nonprofits in small country towns use technology. On returning to the UK he bought a narrowboat and became a floating digital nomad, cruising the canals and rivers, while carving out a niche as a freelance web developer and trainer.

Jason currently lives in the south of France. He builds and maintains WordPress websites and manages Google Grants for nonprofits. He co-organizes NTEN’s WordPress Community forum, and used to be a NetSquared London organiser.

Find him on Twitter at @jasoncsking.

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