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Help the community see how technology advances both enable—and disable—accessibility: Chad Leaman

Chad Leaman is the Director of Development for the Neil Squire Society. The Neil Squire Society offers technology, computer literacy, and employment programming for people with physical disabilities. During his thirteen years at the Neil Squire Society, he has developed numerous programs that are available across Canada, including an accessible online learning system and releasing assistive technology hardware open source so it can be affordably be made at the community level.

Chad is also a volunteer organizer of the Vancouver NTEN Tech4Good group, NetSquared Vancouver, which holds free workshops and an annual conference for nonprofits to better use technology to further their mission. He serves as Chair for BC Technology for Learning Society, which refurbishes over 8,000 computers a year for schools, nonprofits, and other at-need populations in BC. He’s a father of young twins which is the source of much joy, sleeplessness, and scraped knees.

Find him on Twitter at @chadleaman.

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