Sponsor FAQ

Are you a sponsor with questions about 21NTC? You’ve come to the right place! Below are commonly asked questions, but if you don’t find what you are looking for, please email Eiliegh Doineau.

1.General Info, Action Items, & Due Dates #

February 19, 2021: Sponsor videos that do not have captioning are due to NTEN. Videos with captioning already included in the file are due March 2.

February 24, 2021: Virtual office hours recording now available! Please visit:
https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/c6wEla5Dg31gcw2ShyjH4IbMlFaolS_NqLFa_tYma3bPq1s7ee9Jw_gcSXjriHfu._d4x7FsSJyeFEMYs Passcode: Sz&Y1JHd

March 1, 2021: Last day to send in your logo, links to resources and collateral, and company description for listing on the NTC site (we’ll send links to the submissions forms). March 22 will be the deadline to send on these items for listing on the conference platform.

March 3, 2021: The 21NTC Marketplace with sponsor profiles will go live.

March 17, 2021: Recording of the Socio platform training for sponsors and second office hours is now available! Visit: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/3w_RNlIKcgCvu48uwyeNkuwHNkZMKTq3ol6pLsMZRoCyzBZkSfWK1WT_iqZPXcjeK2scuoByvf9dav19.OiJpm0nM1B_22KEW?startTime=1615999725000

Marketplace details

  • Every sponsor will have a profile page in Socio (our conference platform) and space in the interactive video ‘exhibit hall’ (this is a one-to-one meeting space in Socio), and a sponsor listing on the NTC website
  • The Marketplace profile will include your logo, links to resources and collateral (5 pieces), and company description

Scheduling meetings with attendees

All sponsors will have the opportunity to schedule meetings with attendees in their one-to-one meeting space in the exhibit hall, or on your own video meeting platforms. There will be training on how to do this during the Socio onboarding on March 17th.

Lead retrieval

In Socio, attendees will need to opt-in to provide their contact information. In the exhibit hall, sponsors will be connecting with folks one-on-one or in small groups. You can message those folks after the exhibit hall times through the app, but we don’t automatically collect info on who you’ve connected with. As always, you are welcome to manually connect with attendees through the app messaging, but it’s not a mass email experience. When you connect with attendees, one-on-one through messaging or by following up with them after the exhibit hall hours, you can add those attendees as a connection. At the end of the conference, you can download your connections in a spreadsheet.

Sponsor conference registrations

New for 2021! Your attendees will be able to register themselves. Since anyone attending the conference will need a unique login for the conference, you’ll receive a registration code, which will provide the number of free registrations associated with your level of sponsorship. Simply distribute that code to your attendees, and they can register right up to the day prior to the event. Register by 3/10 to receive the conference attendee kit in the mail!

Need to make changes to a registration? Simply email events@nten.org.

Sponsor profile preview

2.FAQs #

All sponsors have a video (or several) as part of their sponsorship package. Please refer to your sponsorship package and/or emails from NTEN to confirm what videos are included in your package.

30-minute demo video: These videos can be anything, not just a product demo! Other ideas include case studies, interviews, or client testimonials. Demo videos will launch on your company profile on the NTC site in the first week of March, and on the conference platform the week before the conference when we begin onboarding attendees. They will be hosted on the NTC conference website via vimeo, in the conference on the platform, and in the agenda.

2-minute keynote video: These will be included in the reel for all three keynotes and can be a welcome message.

45-second messages & 30-second messages: air prior to educational sessions and can be a welcome message, promotional slide deck, or a video snippet highlighting your support of the nonprofit tech community.

Tips for all video types:

  • Presentations should be in 16:9 ratio
  • Consider mobile first for text size on slides, and remember that captions will overlay on the video, so include the most important text on the top two-thirds of the slides
  • Have your nonprofit team give a greeting
  • Emphasize human connection in your video / a community-oriented feel
  • Don’t make your video overly salesy
  • Create your video in any format or with captions already in a .vtt file (this is a file type that includes captions, available through services like YouTube Studio). NTEN will caption your video if you don’t to increase accessibility
  • Include client testimonials or interviews. Please refer to deadlines below.
  • Check out services like Loom for capturing quick video snippets on your desktop, and NTEN Stories for recording personal messages.

Deadlines for the videos are as follows:

  • if your video does not include captions, then your deadline is February 19, 2021
  • If your video includes captions, then your deadline is March 2, 2021

Audience information: When creating your videos, please keep in mind the NTC vibe and our audience:

  • Casual
  • Fun / quirky
  • Community-oriented
  • You are building relationships – these are long tail leads
  • Consider people first – your video doesn’t need to look like a professional video, just be yourself

3.Connecting with Attendees #

Here are some tips and opportunities for engaging with the NTEN community before and throughout the event.

Do you provide an attendee list?

Due to our strict privacy policy we never share our attendee list with anyone. However, you can connect with attendees one-on-one by messaging them through the app & requesting a connection. They’ll have the chance to approve the connection, and at the close of the conference you’ll be able to download a .csv of all your connections.

How best to spend my time during the conference?

We know it’s tough to imagine what attending the conference will look like without a physical presence in your booth. However, without that need to tend to a booth all day, you’re free to take part in so many more aspects of the conference.

Exhibit Hall hours

The exhibit hall (aka Marketplace) will be open in the conference platform during the following hours:

Tuesday, March 23, 8:00A – 8:30A Pacific
Tuesday, March 23, 11:45A – 12:45P Pacific
Tuesday, March 23, 2:00P – 2:30P Pacific

Wednesday, March 24, 8:00A – 8:30A Pacific
Wednesday, March 24, 11:45A – 12:45P Pacific
Wednesday, March 24, 2:00P – 2:30P Pacific

Thursday, March 25, 8:00A – 8:30A Pacific
Thursday, March 25, 11:00 – 12:00 Pacific
Thursday, March 25, 2:00P – 2:30P Pacific

During those times, you’ll want to staff your breakout room in our social space on the platform. You can use that space however you please. Treat it like an exhibit booth and greet folks as they stop by; send out invites to attendees in advance and host a small group discussion or a focus group; host a live performance and let folks hang out and enjoy some music or magic tricks!

Remember, lots of folks are working from home with their families. A fun event they could share with family members could be a great way to casually connect with attendees. Be creative, then share your special features with folks on your sponsor profiles, in private messages through the platform, in the discussion threads, and on socials using the #21NTC hashtag.

What about the rest of the day?

This is great chance to connect with attendees outside the exhibit hall. Attend sessions, join active sessions like yoga or meditation, join community conversations, and connect one-on-one by messaging attendees. To get the most value from the conference, take part in as many events as you can. It’s a great way to connect to the community!

Tips to help sponsors be more inclusive

We want exhibitors and sponsors to have the best NTC experience possible and to make meaningful, lasting connections with attendees. After putting on this event for the last 20 years, here are our tips:

  • Be mindful of the communities you serve.
  • Refrain from cultural appropriation such as imagery and themes in the way you present yourself to the NTEN community.
  • Please use gender neutral language such as “you all” or “y’all” instead of “ladies”, “gentlemen”, or “guys”, and be aware of the gender pronoun ribbon on attendee profiles.
  • The NTC is a community-oriented event! Join in on Community Conversations, contribute to the Discussions thread in the conference platform, and join the community for NTCBeer and other , for example.

Social Media: The NTEN community loves to tweet, especially before and during the NTC. Join the conversation using #21NTC. (Need a primer on conference social media? Check out these tips from 17NTC.) This hashtag will get busier and busier as we get closer to the conference. Join in!

Mobile App: There is a mobile version of the conference platform, but it isn’t necessary to download if you plan to access the conference on your computer.

Looking for more ways to get involved? Participate in NTC events!

  • Participate in Community Conversations each day. Suggest topics and host your own conversation!
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