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Winston Berger

Director of IT and Data Systems

A Better Way, Inc.

I am a true believer in the power of values-driven organizations to transform the lives of customers and employees alike. The support I've gotten in cooperative and nonprofit workplaces has given me the opportunity to evolve from being "the kid who was bad at math in high school" to "the go-to numbers and data guy". Right now I'm Director of IT & Data Systems at A Better Way, Inc., a leading provider of mental health, child welfare, and foster/adoption services in and around San Francisco, CA.

I am fascinated by the design, function, and evaluation of systems. By “system” I mean - not just technological tools and constructs, but also the ideas, resources, and human relationships required for functional, equitable, and efficient service delivery and product creation.

My experience as a musician and multimedia installation artist affords me a unique perspective on collaborative creative process. Check out my latest productions at