Tracy Kosa


Stanford University

Tracy Ann Kosa is a privacy researcher and advocate. She was a Non-Resident Fellow at the Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford PACS when this work was developed. Dr. Kosa is currently teaching tech ethics at Seattle University, serving on Axon's AI Ethics Board, and working in security engineering at Google.

Her current research work focuses on computational models for human values (ethics in privacy) to help data subjects and practitioners better understand the implications of their design and consent choices. For two decades, as a privacy director at Microsoft, privacy officer at UHN, DPIA analyst at the Government, and doctoral student, Kosa has written, taught and preached about the need to make informed choices and transparent system design. She holds a PhD in applied computer science (UOIT), Masters degrees in public policy (UM) and ethics (York), and was the founder of the first PIA Center of Excellence in Ontario.

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