Tauno Hogue

Tauno created his first website sitemap over 20 years ago on a painted 4’x8’ sheet of plywood with pins and threads to show the links between pages. This decidedly low-tech approach set the stage for his human-centric approach to technology. While he doesn’t recommend using sheets of plywood for presenting sitemaps, he leads the ThinkShout development team to focus on the positive outcomes that technology can provide our clients.

Tauno’s years as a multi-day river guide and outdoor educator have given him a cool head and great communication skills, which come in handy as the Chief Technology Officer. Prior to ThinkShout, Tauno worked at the University of Oregon, where he contributed to the development of a complex Drupal-based online learning platform for language teachers. He holds a degree in Natural Resources Planning & Interpretation and directed a nonprofit that took at-risk youth and people with disabilities on outdoor adventures. He continues to pursue his passion for the outdoors by spending a great deal of his free time floating rivers and exploring trails with his family.

Tauno's Sessions:

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