Natalie Khairallah

Manager, Membership and Marketing

Urban Land Institute

Natalie turns email into revenue, using automation strategies to help expand a network of professionals dedicated to the responsible use of land and creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. Email, however, is not her lonesome lover: through a targeted multi-channel strategy, she helps drive recruitment and retention numbers by way of direct mail, telemarketing, web, and paid ad strategies.

It was during her time in the Middle East, in the midst of electricity cuts, water shortages, and bordering wars, where Natalie fully realized the benefits of being adaptable. Inquisitive by nature, Natalie is driven by experimentation in all that she does, using her enthusiasm for consumer behavior and empathetic global perspective to drive results.

The proud daughter of immigrants, Natalie studied marketing and psychology at the University of Iowa, followed by linguistics and Middle East studies at the American University of Beirut. She enjoys languages, spicy foods, and yoga.

Natalie's Sessions:

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