Misty McLaughlin

Principal & Founder

Cause Craft Consulting

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Equal parts nonprofit coach, organizational strategist, and digital expert, I midwife organizations through critical times of change.

I have helped NGOs and nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to structure critical initiatives, from creating complex communications properties to crafting team structures and workflows to plotting digital-first tech ecosystems for engaging supporters and advancing a cause. My expertise spans assessing opportunities for an organization to grow, creating strategic and tactical roadmaps to get there, and supporting the process of implementing the necessary change.

As faculty with the Nonprofit Technology Network's Professional Certificate program, I teach courses to help organizations build their in-house digital marketing, fundraising, and advocacy capacity. I also hold a part-time appointment as VP of Consulting with Jackson River, a technology company that focuses on supporting progressive organizations in shifting to digital-first ways of thinking and working. Prior to Jackson River, I spent 8 years founding and leading a user experience consulting group at Convio, helping hundreds of orgs to better understand their audiences and meet their supporters' needs. My deep love of the social sector began 15+ years ago, working on the inside of early nonprofit digital teams as a content manager and digital strategist.

I have a Master's degree in User Experience and Information Science and have chaired a tiny nonprofit board on a shoestring budget. By night, I'm a writer, advocate for flexible work and family policies, and mother of two young sons raising them in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

My personal mission is to help organizations effectively project their cause into the world.

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