Kevin Martone

Technology Program Manager

Harold Grinspoon Foundation

Kevin has 20+ years managing teams and processes to effectively implement business systems and communications tools based on organization requirements. He has helped research and implement websites, intranets, financial calculators, donor management systems, social media presences, etc. in financial services and nonprofit organizations.

Kevin currently works with small and medium size nonprofits to help them reach their outreach and communications goals. He also develops and delivers professional development programs in the areas of communications and the effective use of data and databases.

Kevin enjoys preparing and delivering presentations on various subjects in person and via Webinars to diverse audiences.

Kevin is a big fan of the Heath Brothers, especially Switch and The Power of Moments. He is also interested in the ideas of Design Thinking about how it can be leveraged effectively. More recently, he is considering how to best utilize the learning from Priya Parker's The Art of Gathering.

Kevin's Sessions:

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