Joshua Aranda

Managing Partner

Mission Matters Group

Joshua is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Mission Matters Group. Joshua is a passionate leader and determined Social Entrepreneur. He is driven by a childhood belief instilled by his parents, “You have the ability to change the world.” Fortunately, he is co-founder and partner with his father and brother, so the family belief to pursue changing the world is reaffirmed every day.
As a managing partner, Mr. Aranda is plugged into all aspects of the business of Mission Matters Group. One of his main responsibilities is the lead architect for all Health and Human Service solutions. He is responsible for the design and oversight of the solution implementations that streamline the efforts for 1000s of front line staff providing critical services to those in need. In all of the solutions he designs, Joshua has a commitment to user experience, inspired by giving staff more time back with their clients as opposed to clicking through technology systems. As a business leader, he knows that the data produced from staff is essential for leaders to make decisions on how to improve services and deliver greater impact. Thinking holistically, he designs systems that will not only be easy to use but will ensure the necessary data is there to more efficiently and efficiently inform decisions and tell the story of an organization’s impact.

Prior to Mission Matters Group, Joshua was a data center engineer at World Wide Technology, chartered with building cloud infrastructure for fortune 500 organizations.

Josh has been married to his wife Laura for 8 years. The have a baby boy and 2 dogs. Josh enjoys running, climbing and exploring the beauties that this world has to offer. He is the proud uncle of 14 and lives with his wife in Portland, Oregon.

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