Jason Ott

Business Architect

Mission Matters Group

Jason currently serves as a Business Architect at Mission Matters Group and has been with the organization for 3 years. MMG partners with nonprofits to help them harness the power of technology to maximize their impact. Coming from a larger corporate IT company, Jason was drawn to the work at Mission Matters Group because of the ability to support and represent those who are truly impacting their communities. He also appreciates the opportunity to customize the work based on the unique needs of the individuals or organizations.

Jason earned degrees in both Applications of Computing and Sociology from Princeton University while competing on the varsity wrestling team. Outside of MMG, if it is a sport, game, or anything competitive, Jason is interested. He enjoys coaching wrestling and plays baseball every summer. Jason resides in St. Louis with his wife Margaret, has 5 siblings and is an uncle to 17 kiddos.

Jason's Sessions:

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