James Citron



Pronouns: He/Him
James Citron is the CEO of Pledgeling and a serial entrepreneur committed to harnessing the power of exponential technology to create a more connected, healthy, and sustainable planet.
As the CEO of Pledgeling, James leads the strategic vision and organizational growth of the company, which is one of the industry’s most innovative and widely used fundraising platforms for mission-driven companies, nonprofits, and individuals. Pledgeling’s fintech platform powers the charitable donations and crowdfunding of over 5,000 companies and organizations, including Discovery, Snapchat, Zoom, and the United Nations, reaching two million nonprofits and charitable organizations operating in over 100 countries around the world. During COVID, Pledgeling’s mobile-first platform has become the industry standard in virtual fundraising and has powered many of the largest virtual fundraising efforts across top television channels, streaming platforms, and mobile applications. Unique in its industry, Pledgeling tracks the impact of donations processed via its platform and is proud to share some of the recent milestones achieved by select customers, including:
· Over 300,000 children will be provided access to essential school supplies
· Over 1,300,000 people will be provided access to clean water
· Over 500 million meals will be provided to kids living in hunger
Before Pledgeling, James ran three of the largest text messaging companies in the United States, which engaged 1 of 2 Americans on mobile and over 500 million consumers globally. It was during this time that James discovered the disruptive power of exponential technology to change lives as his platform delivered billions of text messages on behalf of heads of state (including Former President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Modi), tens of thousands of companies and nonprofits, including Crisis Textline, using the power of mobile to save lives. James led two of those companies to acquisitions by Silver Lake and Blackstone private equity-owned companies and the third continues as one of the leading companies in its industry.
James is personally passionate about helping to eradicate illiteracy, homelessness, and hunger and empowering female entrepreneurship. Mr. Citron is an investor in the first female-owned green energy provider in the State of California, Green Wealth Energy, a member of NationSwell and on the CEO Advisory Board of Conscious Capitalism Los Angeles. James is a graduate of Princeton University and lives in Venice, California with his wife and two children.

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