Jake Grinsted



As early as college, Jake Grinsted began working with The Fresh Air Fund - a nonprofit serving New York City children - but a summer adventure soon became a full-time job. After inheriting old program management tools built with MS Access, Excel, Oracle, and paper filing cabinets, he soon began a quest for a more useful program management CRM system. Not satisfied with the tools on the market, Jake headed a small team who built a new in-house CRM that now manages over a million people… helping staff with program relationships, registration and attendance, transportation, geographical mapping, and of course outcome reporting. Before long, The Fresh Air Fund’s partners were asking to use this CRM too, and what began in-house inspired a new stand-alone platform called Simply360. Jake now works with other nonprofits to help them manage their data, and dreams of creating "blueprints" for program management in multiple sectors, demystifying and simplifying the implementation of a CRM for smaller nonprofits.

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