Gwenn Cagann

Director, Special Events Fundraising

Wingo NYC

Pronouns: She/her
Gwenn brings over 25 years of experience with nonprofit and for profit organizations. For ALLINBKLYN, a startup dedicated to addressing resource disparity, Gwenn oversaw the policy development, funding priorities, investment planning and fiduciary partnership which led to over $200k in first year funding for 13 organizations working on social justice issues from youth to aging. Gwenn has been a Board member and fundraiser for aging issues at Heights and Hills, helping to execute sequential annual fundraisers with an emphasis on recruiting committee members and new donors. A former Board member of Packer Collegiate Institute, she has worked for over a decade on annual gala events with record-breaking results, major gift campaigns and managed hundreds of volunteers as President of the Parent Association where funds raised allowed for increasing diversity through financial aid. Gwenn's work as a co-founder of New World Coffee and new products for Quaker Oats and Colgate Palmolive laid the foundation for working on startup projects and events. Gwenn holds a Masters of Management from Northwestern University and a BS from University of Illinois.

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