Corinne Graper


The Uplift Agency

Pronouns: She/her
After working with grassroots nonprofits around the globe, Corinne Graper realized that corporate social responsibility teams often did not have access to the right data and perspectives to truly understand their organization’s social and environmental impacts on the world. She saw tremendous potential for companies to drive meaningful, systemic change through more strategic philanthropy and business operations.

She founded The Uplift Agency with a team of consultants, communicators and experts with frontline perspectives into the world’s most pressing issues. The Agency's mission is to uplift organizations to be their best for people and planet. It takes an equity and justice lens across its work.

Corinne’s passion for social change grew out of her firsthand experience -- from Fortune 100 corporations to the United Nations, global nonprofits and grassroots organizations. She led a range of CSR, strategy, cause-marketing and communications initiatives at Northwestern Mutual, Allstate Insurance Company and Kellogg Company.

In addition to being the CEO of Uplift, Corinne is an advisor to the United Nations – Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund. She is also on the board of advisors of NeedsList, a technology company that brings efficiency to the global humanitarian aid system. She frequently speaks about the business case for economic empowerment, peace, gender equality, and humanitarian action. She has spoken at the United Nations about how companies can help drive economic inclusion and peace.

Corinne has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in communications from Western Michigan University. She and her husband have three young children and two small dogs, which makes her a master at juggling things and tuning out loud noises.

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