Chris Lundberg

CEO and Founder


Chris Lundberg is a geek with a passion for starting and running scalable organizations that change the world. Chris launched Frakture to help companies and nonprofits efficiently handle their increasing number of data sources. Frakture has built 140+ Robots to pull data out of systems, feed a Data Warehouse, normalize and standardize that data and then pipe it where it needs to go for integrations and reporting. DBAs and Data Scientists love Frakture because Frakture frees their brain by running 8,000+ data jobs daily and processes hundreds of thousands of transactions allowing them to focus their time on higher value tasks that need a human brain - like analysis. Co-founder of DemocracyInAction, Wired For Change, and Salsa Labs -- all companies that supported thousands of organizations, engaged over 70 million people, and generated millions of dollars in revenue. Chris has degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Math from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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