NTC Speaker Guide

Congratulations to all of our 18NTC speakers! The following guide is intended to provide information for each step of the process as we move from selection to your presentation. We will be completing the information in this guide shortly.

You can also reach out to us at any point at speaker@nten.org if you have questions or require assistance.

1.Speaker Essentials

*Onsite Support*

If you need speaker support while at the event you can go to the registration/information desk or find any NTEN staff member and ask them to radio for Ash Shepherd, the Education Director. You can also text him at 971.222.6360

He also looks like this in case you just run into him

Ash Shepherd

Additional information about onsite support in this section below.

Orientation Call

The initial Speaker Orientation call took place on October 26, 2017. The slides and a link to the recording are below as a resource to reference.

Recording: You can access the interactive recording here.

Final Speaker Call

The Final Speaker Call took place on March 27, 2018. The slides and a link to the recording are below as a resource to reference. The recording will also provide links to the various resources mentioned in the slides.

Recording: You can access the interactive recording here.


If at any time you have questions or need additional support feel free to reach out to us at speaker@nten.org

2.Timeline & Deliverables

Overall Timelines

Advance through the slides for some additional detail around what is happening in each month.

Add To Calendar
Looking for an easy way to have all the important deadlines and call details added to your Calendar automatically? We’ve got you covered. You can use this iCal link below to subscribe to the 17NTC Speakers Calendar or use the “+Google Calendar” button in the bottom right corner of the calendar below to add it to your Google calendar.

iCall Link

All details needed to join calls will be shared in reminder emails but can also be found by clicking into the details of that calendar event.


Your presentation is due at the time of your scheduled session. There is no formal review process, however, we ask that you refrain from including any sort of lead capturing links or efforts as part of the session materials you develop and share. For example, attendees should not be directed to a website where they need to share their information in order to get access to anything.

Additional Materials
You are free and encouraged to share additional materials as part of your sessions. Examples include worksheets, resource guides, etc. that reinforce your session or add value to your topic.

Slide Requirements
You can use your own template. The following is simply to be used as a guide to what information should be included.

Sharing Materials
We do ask that you share your presentation materials with attendees after your session. Details on how to do this are included in the “Uploading Your Presentation Materials” section below.

Branding Assets
For those that wish to add some of the additional branding assets from the conference, you can find and download those graphic resources in this shared folder.

3.Speaker Registration

Each speaker is required to register for the conference
We are able to offer the following registration options for presenters:

  • Full Registration: A reduced rate of $429 (this rate is available at any time)
  • Free Session Only: Free registration for those only attending their session to present
  • Scholarships: Limited number of registration scholarships for presenters from nonprofits

Full Registration
Use the link below to access a restricted page that allows you to register at the reduced speaker rate.

Why password protected?
As a rate that is lower than any other rate offered we need to make sure only speakers have access to it. Need the password? Be sure to contact your session lead or reach out to us directly at speaker@nten.org

Session Only
We are able to offer a free “Session Only” registration for those only able to participate as a presenter on their session and will not be participating in the rest of the conference activities.

If you would like to get this particular type of registration please make sure you have added them as an additional speaker first then reach out to us directly at speaker@nten.org and we will get you taken care of.

We also have a limited number of speaker specific registration scholarships available to support nonprofits. For more information inquire at speaker@nten.org

Previously Registered/Fee Correction
If for any reason you registered at the regular rate and but are eligible for the reduced speaker rate you can reach out to us at speaker@nten.org and we can assist with getting your registration fees corrected.

4.Session Promotion

You will need to have any changes or updates to your session title completed before completing a video.

We are adding a new element this year to help you promote your session and make more human connections ahead of the live event. We’re going to use our new NTEN Stories to help you easily create video content to go along with your session description. We will reach out to the Session Lead but any speakers on the session can create/submit a video.

The app is available for download from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, depending on which mobile device you use. If you don’t want to download the app, you can still record a video through this link on your mobile device.
Through this easy-to-use app, you’ll find prompts to help you record your video. For speakers, our questions and talking points will be:
  • Introduce yourself and the title of your session
  • Share what attendees can expect to learn from your session and the practical takeaways
This introductory video will guide you through the easy process.

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable with video and we respect that. If none of the speakers on your session team wish to take advantage of this optional opportunity just let us know and we can make a note not follow-up with additional reminders and requests.

We will be sharing more specific details around this and other opportunities as we are ready to launch them.

5.How It Works

This section is intended to share additional details around various tasks that happen between a session being selected and the live event.

5.1.Making Edits to Website Listing

Once the session proposal period is closed edits are managed by NTEN staff. Please share any specific needs with NTEN staff at speaker@nten.org

Making Edits to Website Listing

5.2.Adding Additional Speakers

The process for adding additional speakers is as follows:

  • Visit this form to share the speaker’s details with us
  • We will add to our systems and on the website
  • They will receive a confirmation email with additional details to speaker resources

Adding Secondary Speakers

5.3.Speaker Matching

For those sessions that need assistance bringing in additional voices, we are able to offer the following process as a means of supporting this process.

  • Lead speaker shares specific needs request via email
  • If a known resource we will make an introduction
  • If no known resource we can share publicly (no contact details are shared)
  • We screen responses and forward on relevant ones to session Lead
  • Lead speaker reaches and if a good match goes through the normal process to add an additional speaker

Speaker Matching Process

6.Session Details

  • 90 min
  • Format up to you
  • We Provide: Screen, projector, mics
  • You Supply: Laptop, Mac adapters
  • Slides not reviewed ahead of time
  • Due by your session
  • We ask you to share presentation materials after the session with links in the Collaboration notes

6.1.Speaker Management

Session Limits
There is a limit of two sessions per organization. It does not matter if you are participating as a Lead or additional speaker. We set this limit to help ensure a wide and diverse range of voices and perspectives are included in the delivery of the educational content at the conference.

Speaker Team Compositions
We encourage the following characteristics around the speaker teams for each session

  • Nonprofit voice represented
  • At least 2 – No Solos (Diversity of perspectives & risk management)
  • Encourage inclusion of underrepresented groups
  • Encourage new voices from the community
  • Max number of speakers in a session 4 (5 if a panel and one is a moderator).

Updating Your Speaker Profile
Once you have been added to a session you can use the Speaker Profile Update form to make changes to your profile and add a headshot.

*You will need to have created a profile at nten.org and have been added to a session prior to being able to access the Speaker Profile update page.

Adding Additional Speakers
You will need to know your session ID to use this form to add additional speakers.

Adding Secondary Speakers

6.2.Credentials: CFRE, CAE & Professional Certificate

NTEN is an approved provider for both Certified Fund Raising Executives International (CFRE) and Certified Associations Executives (CAE). As such all sessions at the NTC qualify for credits for those working towards these certificates.

We fully manage this process and as we get closer to the event will notify you how many of which type of credits your session qualified for so you can help share that as part of your own promotion efforts.

7.Preparing for Your Session

7.1.Presenter Prep Guide

NTEN is dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming, and accessible experience for everyone. We offer this guide to help presenters prepare and present their best selves.

Access Presenter Prep Guide


Session Length
All educational sessions are 90 mins. Speakers should be prepared to fill that entire time.

You will need to provide your own laptop to present from. This also means that your presentation can be in whatever file type you want to present with since it is on your machine. Don’t forget the backups in case there are issues with your machine.

For those who do not have a HDMI port on the device you will be using to present from you will need to bring your own adapter/dongle. For consistency for presenters (ensuring 16:9 ratio and audio) as well as the AV team at the conference center we are going with one option and you should be prepared to connect via * HDMI. These adapters are relatively inexpensive and can be found in most office supply stores as well as online.

*This is not an endorsement of this particular product but rather just an example of what to look for.

7.3.Room Set-Up

  • Rooms will seat between 90-120
  • No raised stage or podium this year. Highboy (standing tables) and chairs up front instead
  • Lavalier Mics
  • 1 One Handheld (wireless) Mic
  • Projector & Screen (HDMI Connection)
  • Bring your own laptop
  • Please bring your own adapter (if needed) and remember to take it with you when you leave

Any additional materials needed beyond what is listed above will need to be provided by the presenters. We do not have the ability to accommodate individual requests for other materials or specialized room setups.

Room Layout

18NTC Room Setup

8.At The Conference

While at the event there are a number of resources we make available to help you feel supported, ready to deliver your best presentation and get the most out of your overall conference experience.

Onsite Support

Prior to Session
Ahead of your session, you can always visit the information or registrations desk and they will be able to get you connected to me. I will also be in the exhibit hall at the NTEN center a lot of the time. Feel free to find met there to ask questions or just say hello in person.

Session Support
At the time of your session, you can look for any of the following if you need support with any of your room setup (projector, mics, etc).

  • Room Monitor Volunteers: will be checking in and located in the hallway. Wearing a “Volunteer” sash
  • NTEN Staff: Will be coming around to rooms as well to check on presenters
  • PSAV: Vendor there to support your A/V need

Mobile App

Make sure you have the mobile app as it is a great way to build your agenda, connect with other attendees and make sure you get any timely updates. Available on iOS and Android (this will be added when the app is publicly released).

Speaker’s Lounges

We will be providing a Speaker’s Lounge again this year. In fact, since sessions are happening on two floors at the convention center we will be providing a Speaker’s Lounge on each floor to make sure you can prepare close to your room.

This is a space specifically set aside for presenters to test their decks, connect as a group and catch a little bit of quiet space before heading into your session.

Lead Scanning

Use of “lead scanning” technologies are only allowed in the exhibit hall and are strictly prohibited from being used in educational sessions.

Code of Conduct

NTEN is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming experience for everyone. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form.

The Code of Conduct applies to all NTEN spaces, including the Nonprofit Technology Conference. Anyone participating in the NTC event, even if only to present a single session, is expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct and will be held accountable to it standards.

9.Once Your Session Is Done

9.1.Uploading Your Presentation Materials

Deadline: Please post as soon as possible but no later than April 20, 2018

We ask that you make your presentation materials available to conference attendees. You can do this at any point but our expectation is soon after your session is done. No need to add ahead of time if you would prefer not to.

You can do this by using the top section of the Collaboration Notes for your session. There you will see a section where you can link to your materials.  This can be linked to a dropbox file, slideshare deck, etc.

Please ensure it is free and easily accessed by participants and not used as a lead generation effort by users hitting a form to download, etc.

18NTC Upload Materials


We will share the session evaluation materials with you after the event. This typically takes 2-3 week as we allow time for participants to complete and then we process the results to make them shareable.

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