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20NTC Session

Oh, Not an Engineer? DIY Analytics With Google Tag Manager


You don’t need a big budget or heavy engineering power to elevate your website’s user-behavior analytics. Not with Google Tag Manager! With a Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration, you can analyze and drastically improve visitor interactions with your site – all for free and without involving engineers.

This session is a deep dive into the power of GTM within Google Analytics, giving you what you need to make decisions based on real data and with minimal engineering lift. GTM provides serious control over your organization’s digital properties. You can track user journeys and actions on your website, conduct helpful A/B testing, leverage insights and analytics about pages, and more. After this session, you will better understand website user behaviors and be able to plan website improvements, all to enhance your digital presence and increase donor engagement.

Learning Outcomes

  • See how GTM works (it differs from Google Analytics but is beneficial alongside it) through a close-up on event tracking.
  • Explore implementing tools with GTM, such as Google Analytics Event Tracking and Page View, Google Optimize, and Facebook Pixel.
  • Apply Google Tag Manager insights to drive donor engagement (practical applications and examples).

Target Audience

Nonprofit staff who are familiar with Google Analytics but want to learn more about Google Tag Manager.




March 25, 2020


1:45pm – 3:00pm