21NTC Session

Website Performance: Optimization Tactics for Speed, SEO, Accessibility, and UX


With the ever-growing digital divide observed in recent years, good website performance is more important than ever. Billions of people across the globe use under-powered devices and have access to limited bandwidth. Measuring and optimizing website performance is the key to reaching a broader audience. In fact, it is such a crucial part of accessibility that Google now factors speed into their ranking algorithm. In this session, you will learn all about how performance affects your site and your users, how to test your website’s performance, and how to make speed a part of your long-term web strategy. This session will also include access to a performance monitoring spreadsheet that automates most of the work and compares key metrics over time. You’ll come out of this session with the knowledge your team needs to take your organization’s website to the next level and the tools to start monitoring performance immediately.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • You will understand how performance impacts SEO, accessibility, and user experience.
  • You will learn how to test for performance to gain immediately actionable insights.
  • You will walk away with a complimentary monitoring tool to get you started on your web performance journey.

Target Audience

Website product owners; in-house web designers & developers; marketing and outreach specialists.


AccessibilityDigital InclusionSEOWebsites


Alfonso Gómez-Arzola

Software Architect


Alfonso started designing professionally in the early 2000s and has bridged the gap between design and development since 2010. He’s a strong believer that good design begins with compelling content, and that user experience and accessibility are paramount to a successful web project. When he’s not designing or writing front-end code, Alfonso likes to climb rocks, hike with his wife and two pups near their home in Chattanooga, TN, and tinker with ham radio.

Alfonso’s experience with front-end technologies ranges from building simple static websites by hand to composing elaborate automation workflows for large applications with complex templating and asset processing needs. With a deep understanding of accessibility and performance, Alfonso’s interests go beyond lighting up pixels on a screen, instead championing best practices as a means to ensure the long-term maintainability and strategic success of his projects.

Alfonso’s passion for accessible and high-performing front-end solutions brought him to Chromatic in 2017, and he has been helping fellow developers improve their skills as a lead developer since 2019.



March 23, 2021


11:00am – 11:30am