22NTC Session Proposal

We vs. Me: Building messaging for a movement

Submitted by: Hannah Thomas 🟠 | Big Duck


In the face of several crises and moments of reckoning, more and more nonprofit organizations are beginning to band together in service of movements that benefit the collective sector and the larger world. Approaching movement messaging—the language that unites and is utilized by many voices and agendas—is complex and multifaceted, but telling the right story can be a gamechanger that inspires allegiance, participation, and large-scale impact. This session will serve as a guide for communicating about “we” rather than “me” in service of movement building.

Learning Outcomes

  • Approach messaging with inclusivity at the center
  • Structure and frame your messages effectively
  • Critically reconsider some “best practices” that ultimately might hinder your cause

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Marketing and communications professionals who want to connect communications to their work in coalitions and to advance movements.