22NTC Session Proposal

We Got Hacked! Helping Your Organization Avoid This Fate

Submitted by: jenka soderberg 🟠 | KBOO


Two years ago, KBOO suffered a website breach/hack from cryptocurrency miners. Jenka Soderberg and Gaba Rodriguez will share the lessons they learned from the attack and will offer tips on how you can better secure your website and/or online presence. Most smaller organizations, such as radio stations, non-profits, and small businesses, often depend on just
one or two people to maintain their sites. This can be both a good and bad thing. As a result of the breach, Jenka, Gaba, and other KBOO personnel learned some techniques to lock everything down and keep their systems secure — even with limited resources!

Join us for a great presentation about their experience along with a discussion of ways to help you prevent a hack of your own systems!

Learning Outcomes

  • Conduct a security/vulnerability assessment of their organization's technology
  • Identify the most vulnerable and most mission-critical technology to protect
  • Prioritize and triage in order to maximize security without getting overwhelmed

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

IT Techs, IT Decision Makers, Managers, Website Managers