22NTC Session: Marketing/Communications
We Are the Champions of . . . What, Exactly? Tracking Digital Metrics That Matter
Submitted by: Autumn Rose


You champion a cause, but are you the champion of online communications? Quantifying your impact via data (collected from web analytics, email marketing platforms, social traffic and media mentions)—and understanding how to use that analysis to do better work across platforms—is paramount to achieving the change you are looking to make.

During the talk, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Develop clear online communications goals that map to your mission
  • Identify a range of free or low-cost online platforms for collecting meaningful data
  • Review industry trends for key metrics
  • Set actionable targets that map to your goals
  • Learn from proven methods for achieving your targets

By the end of this session, you will walk away with a clear understanding of how to demonstrate impact, quantify your success, and identify opportunities for improvement.

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EmailMobileSocial MediaWebsites

Community Input



Thurgood Marshall East


March 25, 2017


1:30pm – 3:00pm

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