22NTC Session Proposal

Virtual Training Strategies


Another boring webinar? Not on my watch! Learn how to create engaging, effective virtual training that will have your staff and volunteers shaking off their Zoom fatigue and leaning into learning.
In this interactive session, I’ll share my three-part method to making sure that your training is both strategic and human-centered so you can rest assured that it is both effective and engaging. We’ll explore ways to bring the physical environment into the virtual one to foster connection among participants and to bring a little FUN into the mix. And, because learning doesn’t end when the event does, we’ll explore ways you can continue to nurture your staff or volunteers long after the training ends, making it even more effective.

Learning Outcomes

  • Align your virtual training to your organization's greatest needs.
  • Explore ways to create a fun, engaging virtual environment for staff to learn.
  • Explore ways to nurture the transformation you want to see in staff.

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Leadership, supervisors, subject matter experts who create training, learning and development staff, HR