21NTC Session

Virtual Events for the Masses: Inclusive & Interactive Gatherings


Our small team of ten fundraising and design consultants produced 25 virtual galas from Spring-Fall 2020, learning many valuable lessons along the way. In this session you will learn about data we gathered from our experiences, tips and tools to produce and enhance your own events, and why virtual events can and should be a hallmark of inclusive philanthropy into the future. We’ll share how virtual events have helped to democratize fundraising by giving opportunities for grassroots donors, major donors and corporate sponsors alike to support your cause. And we’ll talk about how to communicate with the hundreds of new supporters you’ll gather so they continue to give to your organization.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • How to practice inclusive philanthropy through virtual events to promote racial, economic and disability justice
  • Tips and tools for the technical backend
  • Why virtual events are here to stay, even when we can gather together safely

Target Audience

Fundraising and Communications teams that want to hear data about successful virtual fundraising events that are also community building.


Evan Briggs

Client Engagement Manager

Wingo NYC

Evan joined Wingo NYC in 2016 & shares over 7 years of expertise in fundraising, multi-channel communication & event production with clients. Evan is a millennial with a passion for facilitating meaningful engagements, online & in-person. In addition to elevating annual fundraising campaigns & infrastructure, Evan’s creativity shines when producing virtual & in-person events, to date numerous fundraising & community-building events ranging in size from 10 to 1000 guests & in formats from traditional galas & cultivation events, to cabarets & outdoor art-activation exhibitions.

Gwenn Cagann

Director, Special Events Fundraising

Wingo NYC

Gwenn brings over 25 years of experience with nonprofit and for profit organizations. For ALLINBKLYN, a startup dedicated to addressing resource disparity, Gwenn oversaw the policy development, funding priorities, investment planning and fiduciary partnership which led to over $200k in first year funding for 13 organizations working on social justice issues from youth to aging. Gwenn has been a Board member and fundraiser for aging issues at Heights and Hills, helping to execute sequential annual fundraisers with an emphasis on recruiting committee members and new donors. A former Board member of Packer Collegiate Institute, she has worked for over a decade on annual gala events with record-breaking results, major gift campaigns and managed hundreds of volunteers as President of the Parent Association where funds raised allowed for increasing diversity through financial aid. Gwenn’s work as a co-founder of New World Coffee and new products for Quaker Oats and Colgate Palmolive laid the foundation for working on startup projects and events. Gwenn holds a Masters of Management from Northwestern University and a BS from University of Illinois.



March 24, 2021


9:45am – 10:15am