21NTC Session

Using the Donor Journey to Organize and Maximize Your Fundraising

This is a resubmission of an accepted 20NTC session proposal.


Authentic relationships are the key to any successful awareness campaign or fundraising campaign, and nurturing lasting relationships is key to completing your organization’s mission.  The question is, how do you build these lasting relationships, especially with folks that are new to your organization?

In this session will focus on nurturing relationships to drive donor retention. We will explore community engagement using a specific model: the “donor journey” process. We will walk you through the cycle beginning with content creation and deployment. We will review options for building a focused follow up campaign so you can show supporters the impact of your work.

We will get away from the jargon of the industry and walk you through campaign pitfalls and successes.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Confidence in knowing how to motivate people at various levels of engagement to partner with your organization’s mission.
  • Retain donors and supporters genuinely interested in the values of your organization.
  • Adapt the digital tools you already have to create your own donor journey

Target Audience

Marketing, communications and development staff looking for a multichannel marketing or fundraising model.


Donor RetentionProject Management


Aaron Tebrinke

Communications Manager

Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois

Aaron Tebrinke is Communications Manager for the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois. His work focuses on building community engagement through storytelling. Aaron reaches audiences using technology through social media, virtual events, videography, photography, podcasts, print and online publications. Outside of work, Aaron loves to play music, take photos, and work in the garden developing a butterfly habitat. 



March 25, 2021


12:15pm – 12:45pm