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20NTC Session

Using a CRM for Program Outcome Measurement: A Crash Course


You know your program’s goals. Perhaps you’re already collecting a lot of data about your program. But are you sure you’re tracking the right data? Do you know how to use this data to determine your impact?

This session will give you the insights and tools you need to:

  • Determine the data you need to track to best measure your program’s impact;
  • Set up a data model to track this data in a CRM;
  • Analyze your newly collected data with reports;
  • Use these reports to make informed decisions about your programs.

We will explore concepts such as theory of change and logic model, developing an understanding of how to connect your desired outcomes with data, and ultimately determining the degree of your program’s success. Our focus will be on how technology can help facilitate this understanding of your organization’s impact.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the information related to your program that needs to be tracked to measure your program’s impact.
  • Map your chosen program information to a CRM schema.
  • Understand what kinds of reports will enable informed decision making.

Target Audience

Execs, board members, and program or IT staff who are not yet using a CRM for program outcome measurement.


Jake Grinsted


Simply360 & The Creators Social

Jake Grinsted first started with The Fresh Air Fund in college, but a summer adventure soon became a full-time job in NYC. After inheriting old program management tools built with MS Access, Excel, Oracle, and paper filing cabinets, he soon began a quest for a more useful program management CRM system. Not satisfied with the tools on the market, Jake headed a small team who built a new in-house CRM that now manages over a million people… helping staff with program relationships, registration and attendance, transportation, geographical mapping, and of course outcome reporting. Before long, The Fresh Air Fund’s partners were asking to use this CRM too, and what began in-house inspired a new stand-alone platform called Simply360. Jake now works with nonprofits to implement their program management CRM, and also runs a community organization for fellow creators called The Creators Social.



March 24, 2020


1:45pm – 3:00pm