22NTC Session Proposal

Unlocking the Secrets to an Effective Dashboard

Submitted by: Devon Smith


Every organization wants the perfect set of metrics and dashboards, few actually end up with them. In this session, we’ll demonstrate all the steps required to help you get to an effective dashboard, from wrangling with your data to the moment a team member actually changes behavior based on a data point they found in their dashboard. This session will provide a case study in how environmental legal nonprofit Earthjustice partnered with digital studio Measure Creative to build a suite of dashboards for the entire Earthjustice digital communications team: social media, email, website, editorial, digital fundraising, and digital advocacy. We’ll dive into identifying Key Performance Indicators, wireframing the layout and design, building in Google Data Studio, and facilitating team discussions about the insights and recommendations in each dashboard.

Learning Outcomes

  • Get from a blank page to an effectively implemented dashboard
  • Learn tips for making dashboard design user friendly
  • Know how to use a dashboard to change your approach

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Communications staff who need to evaluate and optimize their efforts