22NTC Session Proposal
Digital Inclusion

To Support Human Rights, You Must Prioritize Inclusion

Submitted by: Jen Bokoff 🟠 | Disability Rights Fund


In a time when many organizations are talking about human rights, few are walking the walk when it comes to fully embracing inclusion of marginalized identities. In this session, staff from the Disability Rights Fund will share how inclusion is baked into every aspect of their approach from overarching strategy to technology choices, communications channels, and grantee convenings. As a funding intermediary supporting emerging disability rights movements around the world, “nothing about us without us” guides an inclusive approach that is critical to the success of the work itself. Staff will share examples, best practices, and the case for why inclusion is both the right thing and the smart thing to do to advance your mission.

Learning Outcomes

  • What’s included when we talk about inclusion
  • Understanding the link between technology
  • Ideas for advocating for inclusion in your work

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Communications staff, program staff, IT decision makers