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20NTC Session

20/20 Vision: 20 Digital KPIs You Should Be Watching Now


Have you ever heard your Board/CEO/CFO/COO/Vice President say they want a “Data Driven Strategy” to your fundraising efforts? Only to go back to your desk having no idea what that even means or how you’ll deliver. OR, maybe you want to make a transformational change to your program, but you keep running into road blocks from leadership such as “This Cost Per Prospects is double what we normally pay, pull the campaign” or “That message will never work for our audience, don’t send this email” or “We’re never going to hit budget if you keep bringing on Monthly Givers…get more one time donors!”

You’re not alone!

In this session we will identify the Top 20 KPIs you’ll need to plan, track, and improve your digital program. You’ll walk away with fresh ways to answer any question you get on why you want to make a shift in your digital program.

Target Audience

Fundraising staff who want to learn the top 20 KPIs you’ll need to plan, track, and improve your digital program.




Robert Connelly

Sr Director

Intregral, LLC

Robert joined Integral in 2017 and comes from the front lines of fundraising. As Director of Annual and Special Giving at American Farmland Trust, he led the organization’s membership and mid-level donor programs focusing his efforts on improving the donor pipeline and experience. His efforts in direct mail and online acquisition, mid-level donor identification and upgrades, and improved donor services doubled AFT’s 12 month active donor file in 3 years. Prior to AFT, Robert was the deputy campaign manager of a successful US House race in Virginia where he specialized in individual fundraising, door to door canvassing, telephone fundraising, and volunteer recruitment.

At Integral, he provides actionable, data-focused analytical consulting services for both national and international organizations.





March 25, 2020


1:00pm – 1:30pm



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