22NTC Session: Leadership
Workshop: The Smart Nonprofit – Staying Human-Centered in a Tech Automated World
Submitted by: Beth Kanter


Smart technologies, AI and other advanced digital tech, are quickly becoming embedded within organizations and making decisions for and instead of people. This unprecedented technological power needs to be planned and implemented in smart, responsible ways.

This session will provide an overview of what the technology is and does, and why it is important for nonprofits to integrate it carefully into their organizations. We will also provide a framework for successfully using smart tech that includes staying human-centered, preparing your people and organization for implementing smart tech and staying knowledge and reflective.

We will discuss creating broad stakeholder engagement, including senior leadership, in the planning and implementation of smart tech.

The return on investment includes a significant dividend of extra time for staff to focus on building strong relationships internally and externally, preventing crises and just thinking.

This interactive workshop will be held in Zoom.

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why and how smart tech is different from all previous technologies.
  • Know the steps for assessing the responsible and ethical use of smart tech and implementing it well within your organization.
  • Know how to engage a wide group of stakeholders in the implementation of smart tech

Target Audience

Staff people and consultants charged with implementing AI and other smart tech applications and tools into their organization.


March 24, 2022


8:30am – 9:30am PST