21NTC Session

The Role of Technology in Managing the Operations of a Nonprofit


As nonprofits grow, spreadsheets and workarounds ease the growing pains, but at some point they just aren’t enough. The challenge only increases when a nonprofit waits too long to address the problem, building up an operations debt requiring massive changes. But not all hope is lost—it’s possible to plan for upcoming needs and implement systems before needing a major fix.

Nonprofits typically face these operational challenges one at time, implementing a solution for each problem. But this approach builds numerous disparate systems that create data silos, limiting access to information and forcing manual processes between teams. A more purposeful approach to policies, staff, systems, processes, and change management, as a collaboration between leadership, IT, and operations, is critical.

This session presents both the leadership and IT perspectives. Everyone can benefit from hearing how leadership sees these challenges versus how IT sees them. You will learn about initial steps you can take today to prepare for organizational growth tomorrow as a team effort.

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Maryland B


March 23, 2017


3:30pm – 5:00pm

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