21NTC Session

The 5 Reasons Your Virtual Events are Failing


Despite the many webinars that have been run this year, there are still a shocking number of disappointing, ineffective virtual events out there. Audiences have become fatigued by video and webinars during a year that became characterized by them, but webinars will still be a necessary medium for the success of virtual events through the pandemic and beyond. How can you avoid common webinar pitfalls and succeed?

This session will reveal some of the most common webinar mistakes and share best practices for increasing attendance, engagement, and follow-up after your online event. PRX has run numerous online events for organizations and individuals to sharpen skills, reduce barriers, and inspire the future of audio storytelling. Whole Whale has been running webinar training events for over 5 years and has had thousands of people come through our live training program and courses. Together, we’ve learned a number of valuable tips and tricks.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • How to promote your event and increase registrations for webinars
  • Tactics for increasing attendance and event participation
  • Nurture communications and data management tips post-event

Target Audience

Nonprofit Comms/fundraising/marketing teams


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George Weiner

Chief Whaler

Whole Whale

George is the Founder and Chief Whaler of Whole Whale, a digital agency that leverages web data and tech to multiply the impact of nonprofits through services, products, and content. Founded in 2010, Whole Whale has worked directly with over 60 nonprofits, spent over $5 million in Google AdWords Grant money, and supported over 100,000 nonprofits through free online content and training. Prior to Whole Whale, George was the CTO of DoSomething.org. Under his leadership, the organization became an innovator in social media, mobile technologies and social cause. During his 7 years at DoSomething.org, he oversaw the complete overhaul of the site twice (winning a Webby Award and nominations), helping to build a community of over 1.5 million young people taking action. George holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, and had the good fortune to participate in a Nano MBA program with Seth Godin.

Stephanie Kuo

Senior Manager of Training


Stephanie Kuo is the Senior Manager of Training at PRX. She trains, coaches and supports podcasters around the world to make the industry more comprehensible and accessible to all. She manages numerous projects and partnerships – including Project Catapult, a PRX initiative with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, that helps public radio stations make podcasts as a way of reaching new audiences. Stephanie also leads the development of PRX’s training curriculum and has built programs for partners like Google Podcasts, the Knight Foundation, PBS and the Salzburg Global Seminar. Prior to PRX, Stephanie was an award-winning public radio journalist at KERA in Dallas, Texas. She also produces and hosts Racist Sandwich, a James Beard-nominated podcast that explores the intersection of food, race, gender and class. She studied journalism at the University of Texas at Austin and the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.



March 24, 2021


9:45am – 10:15am