22NTC Session: Program
Tech Policies for Reducing Toxic Productivity
Submitted by: Marina Martinez-Bateman | New Coyote Consulting


With remote work becoming the norm, we’re using more and more tech to achieve our personal and professional missions. But we’re also seeing even higher levels of burn-out than ever before in an industry that was already high on the burn-out factor. So how do nonprofit workers take advantage of the increased access technology gives us without losing ourselves in the process? This workshop will address the issue of tech-based burnout, give everyone examples of using what we have to our advantage, and go home with some new techniques we can use, not only to negotiate space for ourselves, but for our teams and our clients.

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify what is and what isn’t toxic productivity
  • Examine how standard practice in non-profits promotes toxic productivity
  • Establish techniques and practices to avoid burnout and achieve our goals

Target Audience

Systems thinkers, project managers, and policy makers