22NTC Session Proposal

Workshop: Team-Care Not Self-Care – Building Resiliency In An Era Of Burnout


In this online session, Susan & Tyecia introduce the Personal Stress Prescription and Stressor Scorecard for participants to use for self-care. Then we transition to team-care, how to lead discussion and set team members up to care for each other.

In this session, participants will understand their sources of stress, and how to reframe, manage, or reduce it. This is a lifetime skill that is critical to strong job performance at all levels, and especially important to address in a pandemic.

All Nonprofit Wellness trainings are a mix of brain science education, stress management practices, resources to “dig deeper,” and tools to share with others once you leave. We like to model interactive practices and invite participants to stretch, squat, and stand during the presentations. Our trainings are especially geared toward nonprofit workers and K-12 teachers, yet are relevant for any human.

Learning Outcomes

  • assess their personal stress prescription and stressor scorecard.
  • learn ways to bring these assessment tools back to co-workers.
  • practice skills for reframing or reducing stress for selves and teams. 

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Target Audience

anyone entrusted with guiding the well-being or the team-work of an organization