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Taking Giving Spree Online: Planning a Successful Hybrid Fundraiser


For ten years, the Adams County Community Foundation’s annual Giving Spree had been Adams County, Pennsylvania’s day of giving where the community came together to learn about and support local nonprofits. The event is a primary funding source for numerous nonprofits. And because of the challenges created by the pandemic, donor participation in 2020 was more important than ever to sustain the community.

Only this year, it would have to be held virtually.

The Community Foundation set an ambitious goal of $2,020,000 for the event, a 59 percent increase over 2019. They met and exceeded that goal.

In this session, we’ll discuss the process of planning a virtual and socially distant version of an event that has always depended on close interaction with donors. We’ll also learn how the Community Foundation promoted the event and kept it not just on people’s calendars but on their minds and in their plans.

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Plan a hybrid curbside, online, and mail-in fundraising event
  • Foster excitement about — and actual participation in — an online fundraiser
  • Learn the lessons gleaned from a wildly successful event that moved online because of the pandemic

Target Audience

Fundraisers who want to build enthusiasm around a virtual fundraising event


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Jennifer Dyer


Jennifer Dyer Graphic Design

I’m a freelance graphic designer specializing in helping foundations develop compelling annual reports that become a vital part of their philanthropic toolkit. I also help nptech and graphic design tech companies create explainers that bridge the gap where the UI/UX isn’t enough. I’m always looking for ways to help nonprofits make a meaningful connection with their stakeholders. I’d love to connect on LinkedIn. If you’d like to find out more, please check out my website: jdgraphicdesign.com.

Ralph Serpe

President & CEO

Adams County Community Foundation, INC.

Ralph M. Serpe
Ralph is the President and CEO of the Adams County Community Foundation in Gettysburg, PA where he and his team are responsible for encouraging the community to invest in the Community Foundation’s vision for Adams County.
Prior to joining the Adams County Community Foundation in 2017, Ralph was Vice President of Philanthropy at the Baltimore Community Foundation where he oversaw BCF’s successful $100 million Campaign for Baltimore. He was previously the Executive Vice President of the Princeton Area Community Foundation, and directed professional advisor outreach for Community Foundation Silicon Valley. Before entering the community foundation field in 1999, Ralph was with Wells Fargo Bank in California and Chase Manhattan in New York.
Ralph is currently on steering committee of the Pennsylvania Community Foundation Association and a board member of the Boston Youth Marching Arts (MA). He is a former member of the Maryland Community Foundation Association Steering Committee, past president of the Gift Planning Council of New Jersey and the York City (PA) Human Relations Commission.



March 23, 2021


1:00pm – 2:00pm