22NTC Session Proposal

Supporting Off Grid partners – What we learned from Covid19

Submitted by: Emma Le Du 🟠


The pandemic is hitting people with little or no connectivity the hardest. How could organizations working with partners/clients in these environments be effective with our physical pandemic restrictions? TINFA is a non profit working with rural schools in Guatemala. The schools are closed. The kids have no device, no internet. 

How do you pivot and adapt in a changing environment ?

How can we bring our off grid partners back to the table, when we can’t reach them?

How do we reach the kids we serve, keep them learning and engaged in school, despite schools being closed? 

We will share our success and our failures, as we are actively working with teachers and directors and students of elementary schools. We will also share our plans for improving our future post Covid19 program, thanks to our learnings. 

Learning Outcomes

  • learn realistic solutions that are currently working in the field
  • adapt to a changing environment, focused on serving partners/clients
  • learn how Covid19 experiences bring us better future hybrid responses

Session Type

30 minute session

Target Audience

Leaders, IT, Program managers working with partners/clients with no or little connectivity