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20NTC Session

Standing Out in the Crowd: Impact Storytelling


Success is measured through impact. Yet our industry continues to struggle with how best to showcase the impact we’re producing each day. So, how do we share, report, and spread the word about our good work? And how do we collectively coordinate as a community to bring forth lasting change?

This session will explore the importance of what we are all trying to maximize in philanthropy – impact – through the lens of stakeholders including funders, board members, donors, and constituents. Attend this session to learn how technology can help you consistently showcase and share impact with the right people at the right time using useful processes, systems, and data.

Albany Damien Center will share examples of how they leverage technology to showcase their impact, along with their insights on where they hope to see technology leveraged by philanthropy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Tips on how to position and share impact with various stakeholders including: funders, board members, donors, and beneficiaries.
  • Insights into how technology can and should be leveraged to show impact through reporting, visual aids, updates, and more.
  • How to involve stakeholders in impact by involving program participants and programmatic staff into the messaging and fundraising outreach process.

Target Audience

Nonprofit senior leadership, IT, marketers, and development professionals.




Kerrin Mitchell

Co-Founder / Chief Development Officer


Kerrin Mitchell is a technology entrepreneur working to change the way the world gives by connecting the entire philanthropic ecosystem through a single network. Her vision to democratize philanthropy ensures every giver has access to the world’s causes, and every doer has access to the world’s funds. Co-founded by Kerrin in 2010, the company serves 250+ world-class foundations, including Ford Foundation, Knight Foundation and MacArthur Foundation who want to intelligently automate their workflows and elevate operations. She’s been named San Francisco Business Journal’s 40 Under 40, is a native of Silicon Valley and spent her early career in Finance and Operations at Cisco Systems.

Tim Sarrantonio

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Neon One

Tim Sarrantonio is a team member at Neon One and has more than 10 years of experience working for and volunteering with nonprofits.Tim has raised over $3 million for various causes, engaged and enhanced databases of all sizes, procured multiple successful grants, and formulated engaging communications and fundraising campaigns for several nonprofits. He has presented at international conferences and is a TEDx speaker on technology and philanthropy. He volunteers heavily in his home Niskayuna, NY.

Dan Schoenfeld

Vice President

ASCM Foundation

Nonprofit Technologist, Foundation Executive, Impact Advocate, Grants Administrator, and Seasoned Fundraiser. Currently on my 15th year of a journey working with public and private charitable organizations. I specialize in building innovative, sustainable tools and services that increase efficiency and effective grant making, and just make sense. In 2019 I was humbled to be named the Nonprofit Technology Professional of the Year for work developing tools to help quantify philanthropic impact and produce measurable and achievable charitable outcomes. I learn something new every day, and I’m lucky enough to be working with some of the best minds in Philanthropy in my current role as the VP of ASCM Foundation where we focus on global impact and sustainable change, leading efforts in Humanitarian Supply Chain, Workforce Development, K-12 STEM Education while maintaining a focus on Diversity and Inclusion.





March 25, 2020


10:30am – 11:45am



Collaborative Notes

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