22NTC Session: Program
So Happy Together: Collaborating Across Communications, Development, and Program Teams
Submitted by: Julia Toepfer | National Immigrant Justice Center


At nonprofits, we are all too familiar with the infamous and dreaded department silos. Communications, development, and program teams each have a lot on our plates and collaborating with each other often seems like extra work. But we can do our jobs better and more effectively achieve our organization’s mission when we work together! Join this panel conversation among nonprofit staff from various departments who have set up systems for communication and a culture of collaboration at their organizations. They’ll discuss the importance of collaboration, their biggest collaboration challenges, and what has worked for them. Session participants can also bring their collaboration conundrums to the panel, who will help brainstorm solutions. You’ll feel so motivated after this one you’ll be singing The Turtles.

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Have actionable ideas for fostering collaboration across nonprofit departments
  • Get solutions to specific collaboration problems you’re having
  • Understand the importance of and advocate for collaboration at your org

Target Audience

Communications, development, and program staff at nonprofit organizations


March 23, 2022


9:45am – 10:45am PST