21NTC Session

Workshop: Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy


Now, more than ever, your marketing and outreach needs to standout and solve a problem or answer a question. Our inboxes, social media feeds, and profiles are inundated with content – but what is the content we care about? What matters to us? How should you position messaging to serve your mission, foster trust in your communications, and result in the engagement and audience experience you desire?

This workshop will be a hand-ons opportunity for junior marketing team members to think about the critical questions that guide the development of a strategic marketing plan. We will also discuss how the high level strategy is then translated into a tactical plan and how the tactical action plan in turn maps back to the strategic objectives and KPIs.

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Be empowered to create a clear plan to market an initiative, event, or campaign
  • Understand which questions are critical before you start to build your marketing plan.
  • Determine KPIs and marketing success metrics

Target Audience

Junior marketing and communications staff that want to work on developing skills to implement strategic marketing plans.


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Karlyanna Kopra

Director, Community + Outreach

Drupal Association

Karlyanna Kopra is the Director of Community + Outreach at the Drupal Association, the non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the Drupal software project, fostering the community, and supporting its growth.

At the Drupal Association, she champions the annual flagship event, DrupalCon, provides oversight and strategy for marketing initiatives, and amplifies the work being done by the incredible open source community that fuels the Project.

Nicole Mabry

Marketing Manager

Drupal Association

Nicole is an adaptable professional with 18 years of experience and proven knowledge in digital marketing, campaign management, and client relationship management. A true “Marketing Magician” in every sense.

Tanisha Kalia

Content Producer

Drupal Association

Tanisha Kalia specializes in providing creative solutions to communities & organizations especially in the sphere of visual/brand communication design.



March 24, 2021


8:30am – 9:30am