22NTC Session Proposal

Workshop: Removing Digital Barriers – How to Evaluate Accessibility in Your Websites


Have you ever felt excluded from any activity? Thousands of people live that feeling every day due to the barriers that exist in society. Web accessibility is one of the rights that users have when using and browsing our websites.

In this workshop you will learn the importance of evaluating the accessibility of websites to eliminate those barriers in the digital field. You will be able to know how to use an evaluation tool for your website and verify if it complies with modern web accessibility regulations.

Explore new tools to boost your accessibility skills, learn how to interpret the guidelines from the WCAG 2.1 and where to find very useful resources.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about a simple tool to complement automated accessibility testing
  • Practice with real life examples with guide from experts
  • Reduce the amount of false positives and negatives in your audits

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Target Audience

Business, marketing, technical & non technical web administrators, people starting in accessibility