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20NTC Session

Racial Affinity — Vision For the Future


Attendees of Color Only – This is not an educational session like other NTC sessions. There is no presentation or learning outcomes. This session will have a facilitator team in the room to support the group. The facilitator team is available to support any group activities or conversations as appropriate based around (but not limited to) visioning for the future, as well as feedback from those who join the session.


Vanice Dunn

Director of Equity


Vanice Dunn is an equity and communications strategist with experience designing and executing strategies for mission-driven clients, especially those focused on racial equity and justice. Vanice began to hone her skills in social justice advocacy in an organic way — as a young girl of color in a small southern town, her existence itself became a political statement. Her passion eventually led her to the Provoc team where she serves as Director of Equity. Whether leading strategy projects or facilitating equity workshops, Vanice is always aiming to dismantle systems and barriers that exist to keep marginalized communities from leveraging their power. By rooting her work in a womanist lens, Vanice has a particular passion for projects that combat the ‘isms’ — including racism, classism, and sexism.

In her spare time, as a co-founder of the Dismantle Collective, Vanice works to dismantle white supremacy through radical transparency, liberatory practices, and pleasure. She also serves on the board of directors for Equal Rights Advocates and Web of Change.

Melissa Chavez

Digital Communicator

To The Point Publications

Melissa is passionate about communication design, navigation, and accessibility across digital and physical spaces. Melissa has worked with nonprofits and social enterprises to improve their public-facing communications. From website content to newsletters and blog posts to social media, Melissa helps brands share information in a thoughtful and engaging way.

Raj Aggarwal

President, Lead Strategist


Raj founded Provoc in 1999 and serves as President and Lead Strategist. Over twenty years of experience as a communications and technology strategist, he has worked with more than 400 nonprofits and socially responsible businesses on a variety of projects including internal and external branding, marketing and customer engagement. Raj keeps Provoc rooted in empathy-driven work by forging partnerships with values-aligned, visionary leaders and has led workshops and talks at dozens of national conferences. He serves on the boards of Think Local First, DC and Ben’s Chili Bowl Foundation, and recently shared his personal story on NPR.





March 26, 2020


1:45pm – 3:00pm