22NTC Session Proposal

Racial Affinity Session: Strategies for Working in Organizations and Systems

Submitted by: Tristan Penn 🔵 🟠


Attendees of Color Only – This is not an educational session like other NTC sessions. There is no presentation or learning outcomes. This session will have a facilitator team in the room to support the group. The facilitator team is available to support any group activities or conversations as appropriate based around (but not limited to) strategies for working in organizations and systems, as well as feedback from those who join the session. These sessions will be a zoom link provided in the agenda with an access passcode posted in the Private BIPOC Nonprofit Professionals . If you’d like the access code to the Racial Affinity Space, please request to join the online group. Once admitted, the passcode will be posted as a pinned announcement.

Session Type

60 minute session