22NTC Session: Leadership
People over Technology: Recentering on Equity in Technology Planning and Decision Making
Submitted by: Drew Pizzolato


When we focus on technology instead of the staff who need to use it, the community members who may engage with us through it, and the data and information it needs to hold, we put the in-built bias and inequities of those technologies into our processes, our community relations, and our programs. After two years of operating in a nearly completely virtual world, nonprofit staff and technology partners need to invest in unlearning traditional and exclusive approaches to technology planning and decision-making and recenter the work with a focus on equity. Many NTEN community members spent over a year working together to create the Equity Guide for Nonprofit Technology and this session will highlight actionable options from the Guide for all attendees.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Better understanding of using technology within nonprofit organizations to further equity for staff and communities
  • How to fund nonprofit technology to ensure successful, sustainable projects and encourage bold experimentation
  • Learn how to create and implement technology for nonprofits that disrupts the nonprofit corporate model and recognizes the nonprofit sector’s uniqueness

Target Audience

All folks who work with tech


March 25, 2022


12:15pm – 12:45pm PST