22NTC Session: Fundraising
Optimizing Online Fundraising Using Data Analytics
Submitted by: Marsha Sussman


Online fundraising is the lifeline for many National and International organizations.  The old school method of creating a campaign for the masses is a thing of the past.  Big Data is the buzz.  This session will discuss a strategic approach to online fundraising which applies statistical market segmentation techniques to optimize donor giving levels.

When working with an organization, we analyze over 75 internal and external variables for each prospect for a holistic view of both the donor characteristics and the relationship with the fundraising organization.  Our data science gives meaningful, accurate and insightful information to guide the campaign structure.  This session will use a case study of one or two Response Concepts/Causematch clients to demonstrate the significant impact segmenting a file with analytical tools has upon the bottom line of a campaign.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand financial optimization of online campaigns
  • New approach to segment an online campaign file
  • Creating incremental revenue with limited staff, time and budget

Target Audience

Fundraising Operations, CDO, COO or staff seeking to develop an analytical approach to fundraising campaigns


March 25, 2022


12:15pm – 12:45pm