22NTC Session: Digital Inclusion
NYC Votes Website Redesign: Voter Education in a Monumental Election
Submitted by: Max Lichtenstein | Blue State


The 2021 New York City primary election was the largest local election in two decades. With over 500 candidates running and a newly introduced ranked choice voting system, it was imperative that all eligible New Yorkers had simple and reliable information to learn about this monumental election.

Through an honest dialogue, expansive resources, and an engaging website that presents complex information in a digestible format, the NYCCFB worked to educate millions of New Yorkers about how their local elections work, why they matter, and how they can get involved. Furthermore, NYC Votes centered the populations that have been historically underrepresented in NYC elections: youth under 30 and naturalized citizens, most of them people of color. Given the range of needs and use cases, the scalability of the website was key—the voter can choose how deep they would like to explore issues while learning the essential information for their vote.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to scale a website to support varying levels of engagement
  • Democratize educational resources for civic engagement by presenting them in a digestible format
  • Incorporate engaging interactive materials online to make sure a website’s message sticks and gives voters a sense of confidence.

Target Audience

Anyone working in communications or digital for civic institutions and those interested in expanding inclusivity and equity across digital channels


March 24, 2022


1:40pm – 2:10pm PST